Dreaming of a purpose, a meaning

Celebrating my 28th birthday in November was a big deal for me. Not only because I’m heading towards 30! But the fact that I have been searching for a purpose . Bring a mother, a daughter, a wife is so important to me, of course! However, I know that God has more for me to do. I remember being young and writing letters back and forth to my friends and then beginning to love writing! I would start practicing fancy cursive. 

More and more I keep finding myself writing and practicing calligraphy, loving the creativity people can put in words. I love that. So instead of NOT trying (since all I use to hear in my head was, “you start something and never finish”) I am going to push forward and know that I can create good things, encouraging things with my hands! 

So here it goes I don’t know where I’m headed or where this will take me but I do know that I need to try.

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a woman sharing her life and her thoughts

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