This is the beginning

This is the beginning of a something that has been on my heart to do for a long time. And finally I am here!! Writing is one of my favorites so I thought blogging would be great! 🙂 I do not have a specific on topic that I will be writing about, however I will be documenting my life and other thoughts, questions, and rants

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Facing death

I have dreaded this day since I was little. Now that i think about it, why was I even thinking about death at such a young age? I remember counting the years and figuring that I would be in my thirties when I would have to experience death so close to me. It’s like a dream, a nightmare. I find myself running from the reality, from the pain. Why? It’s so sad and painful. I can’t seem to bare it. It’s like a piece of my heart was torn out and I’m bleeding internally. In the midst of finding self awareness. I am a mess. I try to face reality and I find myself trying to escape once again.

Vintage heart

I have always found myself watching romanic movies from the 1920’s to the 1950’s. The genuine attraction and chase of another. In today’s perception it is so tainted with social media and the high unrealistic expectations people put on themselves and each other. Many marriages fail because of this “look at me” era we are in. For all the old souls that are trying to keep their relationships together, its a hard battle, but worth the fight.

Perfectly imperfect

 I am starting to realize how my perfectionism has stopped me from many opportunities to grow and reach goals. Even with the starting a blog. I wanted it to be perfectly lined out. ” I need to have my life in line before I can start blogging.” Here I am 10 years later and my life still isn’t in line like I want it to be. I have learned that I needed to start somewhere. So here we go. My blog maybe all over the place with thoughts and ideas. But its me. In the times we live in we have a voice, something to stand for, someone to help and encourage. So I hope this idea of a blog might help someone out there. 
From Sarah

Out with the old and in with the new ! <3 

  • Looking back to 2016 we have had a lot of bad things happen in the family. But there has also been a lot of good. I have to say I have grown spiritually and mentally. I am stronger then I was coming into the 2016 year! So here I am 2017, I’m ready for the new. Ready to be challenged and ready to be made new in Christ! 

Dreaming of a purpose, a meaning

Celebrating my 28th birthday in November was a big deal for me. Not only because I’m heading towards 30! But the fact that I have been searching for a purpose . Bring a mother, a daughter, a wife is so important to me, of course! However, I know that God has more for me to do. I remember being young and writing letters back and forth to my friends and then beginning to love writing! I would start practicing fancy cursive. 

More and more I keep finding myself writing and practicing calligraphy, loving the creativity people can put in words. I love that. So instead of NOT trying (since all I use to hear in my head was, “you start something and never finish”) I am going to push forward and know that I can create good things, encouraging things with my hands! 

So here it goes I don’t know where I’m headed or where this will take me but I do know that I need to try.